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Download Best of Bing 4 Theme

Microsoft has recently added another awesome Best of Bing themes which brings in wallpapers featured on Bing home page. Best of Bing brings in stunning animal shots, awesome landscapes, and other eye-catching Bing images. The latest one to this series is the Best of Bing 4 theme for Windows 7. The theme features 18 high resolution wallpapers.

Best of Bing 4

Best of Bing 4_1


Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Internet Explorer 9 Beta offers several new features over its predecessor IE 8 thought Windows XP might disappoint as IE 9 Beta is not available for XP and only supports Windows 7 (32 & 64bit) & Windows Vista SP2 (32 & 64-bit).

Download Taiwanese art themes from Microsoft

Microsoft had released another set of 4 new themes recently , more of the wonderful Taiwanese art themes designed for Windows 7. These themes, Choobies, Daydream, LotsBears and Nicole Doll are now available for download from the personalization gallery of Windows 7.

▲Download Choobies Theme

▲Download DayDream Theme

▲Download LotsBears Theme

▲Download Nicole Doll Theme

Download NASA Spacescapes theme

This is another theme from Windows 7 Personalisation gallery. You can roam the far corners of the universe, distant galaxies, dying stars, and the echoes of the Big Bang. It comes with 14 high-resolution images of the space from NASA.

Click to download theme

Download Microsoft Download Manager 1.1


The Microsoft Download Manager will enable you to download files from the Internet in a more reliable and faster way than using a browser alone. Using the Download Manager makes it easier to download large files such as an application or multimedia files. The Download Manager has been specifically designed to manage file downloads from supporting Microsoft Web sites in a secure and reliable way.

Once started, the Download Manager displays an easy-to-use interface that shows the status of downloads and enables you to resume downloads if they have failed. The Microsoft Download Manager currently supports downloads from Web addresses starting with http://.

Download Official Bing Screensaver

Microsoft has released a new Bing screensaver for Windows. If you love to use screensavers in your system, you should definitely give it a try.

This screensaver is a collection of several images which are used as background in Bing search pages.

This screensaver can be used in Windows XP, Vista and 7.