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Darken Your Firefox with SmallringFX DARKBlue theme

I am currently using this theme on my Firefox v.3.6.8 & it works fine. I love dark theme and this one is superior.

Hope you will like it as well.


Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Internet Explorer 9 Beta offers several new features over its predecessor IE 8 thought Windows XP might disappoint as IE 9 Beta is not available for XP and only supports Windows 7 (32 & 64bit) & Windows Vista SP2 (32 & 64-bit).

Download Firefox 4 Official Beta

Mozilla hasĀ  released a newer official beta of Firefox 4.0 that includes a number of new features. Future updates to Firefox 4 are apparently said to include speed improvements and bookmark, passwords, and settings syncing functionality across all Firefox supported devices.

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Pimp Up Your Facebook Profile with Chameleon Tom

Free Facebook Themes

Download Latest Opera 10.52.3370 Final

Yes, now you can Download Opera 10.52 for Windows 7. Opera 10.52 claimed to be The Fastest browser on the Earth. So Windows 7 users can download the Opera 10.52. We know that Opera recent versions are equipped with Turbo feature. so possibility is there that Opera 10.52 browser will be equipped with more powerful tools, which will help the windows 7 users to browse more faster than before.

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