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Darken Your Firefox with SmallringFX DARKBlue theme

I am currently using this theme on my Firefox v.3.6.8 & it works fine. I love dark theme and this one is superior.

Hope you will like it as well.


Maximize & Embellish Your Firefox Appearance

This is a screenshot of my customized firefox browser.

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Improve Web Browsing on IE with Surfgear


Some websites have good content to read, but the readability might be poor due to improper design aspects like tiny fonts, black background etc. IE Surfgear is a simple Internet Explorer add-on which It helps to counter design problems on web pages like difficulty to read, small fonts, objectionable colors, background images etc. You can now remove all these issues with this simple add-on.

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Facebook Chat Emoticons – Facebook ChatBar

Facebook ChatBar is an addon for firefox that gives you a list of top Emoticons on chatting windows that you can easily click to enter text into the chat with your facebook friends.

With these Emoticons List, chatting on FB will be more exciting. These tricks can only be used on Firefox Browser. To get this addon you could download it at this address: