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Download Best of Bing 4 Theme

Microsoft has recently added another awesome Best of Bing themes which brings in wallpapers featured on Bing home page. Best of Bing brings in stunning animal shots, awesome landscapes, and other eye-catching Bing images. The latest one to this series is the Best of Bing 4 theme for Windows 7. The theme features 18 high resolution wallpapers.

Best of Bing 4

Best of Bing 4_1


Darken Your Firefox with SmallringFX DARKBlue theme

I am currently using this theme on my Firefox v.3.6.8 & it works fine. I love dark theme and this one is superior.

Hope you will like it as well.

Download Taiwanese art themes from Microsoft

Microsoft had released another set of 4 new themes recently , more of the wonderful Taiwanese art themes designed for Windows 7. These themes, Choobies, Daydream, LotsBears and Nicole Doll are now available for download from the personalization gallery of Windows 7.

▲Download Choobies Theme

▲Download DayDream Theme

▲Download LotsBears Theme

▲Download Nicole Doll Theme

Download NASA Spacescapes theme

This is another theme from Windows 7 Personalisation gallery. You can roam the far corners of the universe, distant galaxies, dying stars, and the echoes of the Big Bang. It comes with 14 high-resolution images of the space from NASA.

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Download Bing’s Best Japan Theme

Microsoft has recently updated their personalization gallery with another Bing’s Best theme named Bing’s Best Japan.

Bing's Best Japan theme for Windows 7

Bing’s Best Japan theme is a collection of 18 best Japan’s pictures featured on Bing home page.

Download Windows Live Theme for Windows 7

Windows_Live Theme for Windows 7

Windows Live Essentials beta version (wave 4) was released to public few days back with some new features. If you are using Windows 7, then you can customize it using Windows Live theme. This theme is a visual style which can bring the look and feel of Windows Live. This package includes a themepack, wallpaper, visual style, shell32.dll and a new Start Orb with new User pic Frames. Since this is a third party theme, you need to patch your system files before using it.

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Download Bing’s Best 3 Windows 7 Theme

While accessing’s Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, you’ve surely noticed the wide variety of stunning landscapes or beautiful animals displayed in the background.

You may gaze into the eerie glow of a dying star, soar over an underwater sinkhole, and get up close and personal with an adorable baby sea turtle – among other amazing sights – all of these and many more have been selected from Bing’s background in this great themepack for your Microsoft Windows 7.

You can get Bing’s Best 1 here and Bing’s Best 2 here if you haven’t grabbed these themes.