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Customize Your Context Menu & File Associations

Context Menu Manager screenshot 2 - To create a new context menu you will the second sheet.

Context Menu Manager is a quite complete application designed to enable users to manage file associations and right-click context menu with ease.


Optimize Your Disks Performance with Disk SpeedUp

Disk SpeedUp is a freeware and an extremely fast defragmentation tool to analyze, defrag and optimize disks for peak computer performance.

It is an inevitable problem that disks will be accumulated and cluttered with data fragments due to daily frequent operations, such as installing/uninstalling of applications, peripherals, and file downloading/saving/deleting, which leads to PC slowdowns, hang ups, system errors and even crashes. Disk SpeedUp is designed to help users solve this problem in one or two clicks and optimize disk performance.

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Modify your System with AeroTweak

AeroTweak screenshot 1 - Windows Explorer tab window of AeroTweak lets you change the Desktop and Explorer and Taskbar parameters

The AeroTweak application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to change about 50 different system parameters that affect user interface, performance and system security. You can always restore the default setting using the button available on the right hand side. In addition, it also provides system information including the product keys of Windows.

Program does not require installation and consists of one executable file with 1 MB size, that is very useful if you will use it from removable device.

Download NASA Spacescapes theme

This is another theme from Windows 7 Personalisation gallery. You can roam the far corners of the universe, distant galaxies, dying stars, and the echoes of the Big Bang. It comes with 14 high-resolution images of the space from NASA.

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