Maximize & Embellish Your Firefox Appearance

This is a screenshot of my customized firefox browser.

And I am currently using firefox version 3.6.3 on my PC.

I want to give you some tips on how to maximize your firefox and this is one of numerous way to design your browser.

Hope this can make yours become as stylish as what you want.


1. First, download the Metal 3D theme here

2. Next, how if we get rid of the the title bar and caption? Try using Hide Caption add-on. Download it here

3. You can set the position of each buttons such as minimize-maximize-close button, navigation button, drop down menu or popmenu  we have just applied via hide caption add-on and remember not to place them to menu bar

4. Then click Menu>View>Toolbars and uncheck the “menu bar”;

5. You might want to download All-in-One Sidebar add-on here;

6. Don’t forget Tabberwocky as well. Get it here;

7. Manage your bookmarks with Xmarks. Download it here;

8. Improve your scrolling experience with SmoothWhell which you can download it here;

9. Modify your status bar with Organize Status Bar & get it here;

10. There are still lot of things to do with many firefox add-ons available there to design yours. Try experimenting yourself here.

    • Andy
    • July 5th, 2010


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