Download Latest Opera 10.52.3370 Final

Yes, now you can Download Opera 10.52 for Windows 7. Opera 10.52 claimed to be The Fastest browser on the Earth. So Windows 7 users can download the Opera 10.52. We know that Opera recent versions are equipped with Turbo feature. so possibility is there that Opera 10.52 browser will be equipped with more powerful tools, which will help the windows 7 users to browse more faster than before.

Few Top features

  • Integrated Search Engine:

  • Opera Links:

  • Opera Turbo:

  • Speed Dialer:

The newly added values and Features:

  • Enjoy unprecedented speed with our new Carakan JavaScript engine, Vega graphics library, and Opera Presto 2.5 browser engine.

  • Opera includes industry leading support for Web standards such as HTML 5, SVG and JavaScript.

  • Enhanced platform integration on Windows and Mac means that Opera looks and works better than ever on your operating system.

  • A beautiful, new design looks great on Windows, maximizing your view of the Web and fully utilizing Aero transparency on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

  • Our improved dialogs will not get in your way or interrupt you. You can now switch between different pages without having to clear prompts first.

  • Searching is easier than ever, with Web search integrated right in the address field. You can also find pages from your history and bookmarks, as you type.

  • Displaying pages in the size you want is smoother than ever, with a new zoom slider in the status bar.

  • Rest assured that browsing stays personal with private browsing. Once you close a private tab or window, the data from that session is removed from the browser without a trace.

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