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Center Taskbar Icons in Windows 7 with TaskDock

The new taskbar is an awesome addition to Windows 7 and comes with new features like jumplists, pin to taskbar etc. Here is a new freeware tool which can center the taskbar icons in Windows 7 which will make the taskbar look like a dock. TaskDock gives the Windows 7 Superbar (Taskbar) a bit more of a “dock” like feel. It will center and re-adjust the Tasks area of the taskbar, centering it, expanding and contracting with new apps and old apps, as they are created and terminated.

Normal  Taskbar

Windows 7 taskbar with taskdock

Centered taskbar

The application is portable and does not require any installation. It runs from the system tray and centers the taskbar icons as shown in the image. In case you want to exit the application, you can just close it by right clicking the icon on the system tray and click exit.


Download HTC Clock for Windows 7 Sidebar

HTC Mobile phones have one feature very popular, its home page clock. HTC Clock has a nice feature of flip down for each second and minute. Now you can get this clock as a gadget for Windows 7. Once installed this HTC Flip gadget shows the current time similar to the HTC mobile.

HTC Gadget

There isn’t any customization option for this gadget, but it looks pretty good on Windows 7.

Download Czech Spring Theme for Windows 7

One of the areas which Microsoft updates regularly is the personalization gallery for Windows 7. Microsoft has now released a fresh new theme called Czech Spring which brings in beautiful landscapes and flowers to your PC.