Improve Web Browsing on IE with Surfgear


Some websites have good content to read, but the readability might be poor due to improper design aspects like tiny fonts, black background etc. IE Surfgear is a simple Internet Explorer add-on which It helps to counter design problems on web pages like difficulty to read, small fonts, objectionable colors, background images etc. You can now remove all these issues with this simple add-on.

Once installed, it adds three buttons to the IE toolbar which are namely to increase size, remove background color and third to remove background images. The Add-on works well with sites and the results are really impressive. Below you can see the screenshot of a website before and after using the add-on.

Actual Site After

The Add-on removed the black background which was making the text non readable.

IE Surfgear is designed to remove a few most wide-spread design glitches which make web pages difficult to read. It can remove the following problems

  • Too small unsizable fonts.

  • Poor text and background colors.

  • Background images.

IE Surfgear although was made for IE 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, it works perfectly with IE8 as well. This is one add-on really useful for making sites better to read.

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