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Update Your Video Drivers After Installing Windows 7

1. Click Start, type device manager, then press Enter.

2. Expand the tree for Display adapters. You should see an entry that says “Standard VGA” or something similar.

3. Right-click that entry, then click Update Driver Software.

4. Click Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows should be able to locate, download, and install the proper drivers for your video hardware, as it did on my Compaq.

When it’s all done, you’ll need to reboot. When Windows starts up again, your display should be running at its optimal resolution. If not, right-click somewhere on the desktop, choose Screen resolution, and choose your desired setting.


How to Add “Desktop Background File Location” to Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu

One of the best features of Windows 7 is the ability to rotate through wallpapers from a folder after a fixed time interval. We have also covered a simple trick on how to quickly change wallpapers in Windows 7. The wallpapers are taken from a folder which you specify or it will be the default themes folder. If you want to add some wallpapers to this folder, you need to manually navigate to the theme settings and then check the folder and open it. But with a simple registry hack, you can directly open the wallpaper folders from your desktop right click menu.

Right click desktop menu

You can get this by a small script created by WinHelpOnline which adds this option to context menu in desktop. This script opens the current wallpaper file’s target folder and selects the file when you click “Desktop Background File Location” option.

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Windows 7 Drive Icon Changer

If you are bored of seeing the default icons for hard drives on Windows 7, then you can add some changes to the drive icons with Windows 7 Drive Icon Changer. This simple and free utility can easily change the drive icons of any drive you select. Once you run the application, it shows a list of drives as a drop down list. You can select the drive which you want to change and click install button. You will be prompted to select an file for the icon.

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Improve Web Browsing on IE with Surfgear


Some websites have good content to read, but the readability might be poor due to improper design aspects like tiny fonts, black background etc. IE Surfgear is a simple Internet Explorer add-on which It helps to counter design problems on web pages like difficulty to read, small fonts, objectionable colors, background images etc. You can now remove all these issues with this simple add-on.

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Change OEM Information in Windows 7

SevenOEM Changer

When you buy a branded PC with Windows 7, it comes with OEM information. But if you are installing Windows yourself, then the OEM information options are blank. We had covered a simple tool, OEM Info Tool to change OEM information and now we have another free tool which can edit the OEM information on your computer. SevenOEMInfoChanger allows you to make changes to your computer info.

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Get Real Time System Info on the Desktop

System Information

There are quite a lot of free tools to monitor system usage like QuickSYS, Speccy, HWiNFO32 etc, but Desktop Info is a nice little tool which provides real time system information right on your desktop without opening any additional interfaces. It provides a neat interface on your desktop which is completely configurable and it comes in a text file!

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Download New Windows 7 Themes- Valentine and Year of Tiger

The new themes Valentine and Year of Tiger are available for download from the personalization gallery of US, we are not sure whether this theme is available globally.

Year  of Tiger Theme

Year of Tiger Theme

Valentines theme for windows 7

Valentine’s Day theme

Download Themes:

Year of Tiger Theme

Valentine’s Day theme