Preme for Windows 7 Enhances Desktop Features

Windows 7 has lots of new feature when compared to previous versions like Aero snap, Aero peek, Aero Shake etc. Preme for Windows 7 is a very useful tool with great set of feature which will improve the desktop and mouse experience on Windows 7. This tool enhances your Windows 7 desktop experience by adding more functionality & features to your corners and mouse.

Features of Preme:

  • Move the mouse cursor to the upper left corner of your desktop to see all your open Windows either in Flip 3D or Alt-Tab style

  • Hold mouse button on the title bar area of window to keep your window on top of other windows

  • Move mouse cursor to title bar area and scroll down mouse wheel to minimize the particular window

  • Hover mouse cursor on the title bar are and then click the wheel to close the window

  • Right-click on the taskbar button and the mouse cursor will point to Close window option

  • Press ESC button twice to close the active item

  • Move cursor to Start button area to open Start menu automatically

Preme runs from the system tray and installs itself without adding anything to the Windows registry. Preme is a must have tool for all Windows 7 users.

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